Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant

backpacker indonesia : Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant is a very unique place where visitors can not only enjoy the best meals we also find an atmosphere of luxury and comfort with a touch - a touch of majesty condensed yamg Javanese ethnic decorations .. Located in the historic city of Yogyakarta Kota Gede.

Restaurant as the main outlet to the Javanese traditional decor. Located on the first floor, where you can enjoy a very unique service that is Rijsttafel service, Rijsttafel is a service with the Dutch version of Indonesian food which consists of a variety of services - kind of side dishes and vegetables such as grilled shrimp, beef Satay, Bunthil papaya, grilled chicken, and fruit - fruit ith a very special service.

In addition to satisfactory service, this restaurant has Ala carte menu of options including a very special blend packaged in Java, Asia and the West.

Sekar Kedhaton Lounge is a very special place to relax, rilex and business. Lounge is located on the second floor and provides a variety of wines and beverages.

Luxury accommodation located on the second floor which consists of three dressing rooms with a comfortable interior and enticing Java. We also offer Afternoon tea, Fruit basket and Service Breakfast for two persons.

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