Sunday, May 30, 2010

The cheap hotel : Srimanganti Hotel Yogyakarta

Backpacker Indonesia : If you visit Yogyakarta and want to really enjoy the authenticity of tradition and culture of this city, the hotel Srimanganti is the right choice for you. Hotels with the nuances of the palace that is located on Urip Sumoharjo Jogja offers authentic atmosphere that will be forgotten if you visited this hotel.

Although located in the center city of Yogyakarta is starting to move into the metropolitan city, the hotel while maintaining the culture and traditions and melesatarikan typical Yogyakarta. It can be found on the building and the rooms are still synonymous with the unique architecture of Yogyakarta, especially the palace. It is reasonable if it is a hotel with 17 rooms still maintain authenticity in terms of buildings and customary. One reason was none other than this hotel up until now it still managed by the Yogyakarta palace.

Built in October 1972, the hotel stands on over two hectares of land was completed in 1975 by PT Hotel Srimanganti Yogyakarta. On March 1, 1975, the hotel was officially opened by KGP Mangkubumi on behalf of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX that can not be present at the inauguration.

Previously, this hotel is the location of the establishment of horse racing's place in Yogyakarta palace and had lent to the foundation's nursing homes are finally returned to the palace in 1972.

BPH is the idea Hadiwijiyo Yogyakarta palace as the elders who wish to build an international standard hotel, the hotel was built with the architecture of Java Srimanganti and International level.

Room Facilities:
- AC
- TV
- Bath Tub

Other facilities:
- Restaurants
- Laundry service
- Phone coins
- Taxi service
- Parking Area

If you visit Yogyakarta, enjoy the warmth of a typical city of Yogyakarta at the hotel. Hotels with this palace-like architecture will provide the service and atmosphere you will not forget.

Room Type Description Price
Deluxe IDR 225,000
Business IDR 150,000
Moderate IDR 115,000
Standard IDR 85000

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