Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hanis Villa Yogyakarta

With a traditional Javanese wooden house building combined with modern buildings, Villa Hanis Yogyakarta can be found in Street Theater, which is about five kilometers from the city center and approximately 15 kilometers from Kaliurang.

This inn stands on the land area of approximately 200 square meters, overlooking the Mount Merapi, one of which is still the most active volcanoes in Indonesia until now.

This place consists of one main room with king size beds and a bedroom with a medium-size bed. Both have open bathrooms and air-conditioned. The main room is also equipped with coffee and tea making facilities, mini bar, lounge chair, a table and a flat LCD TV.

Villa Hanis Yogyakarta For the privacy of visitors, the room in this place is never rented separately. But its main hall can be rented separately or with extra beds.

Villa Hanis Yogyakarta, built in 2007 and opened in August 2007, a creation of the concept of Hani and her husband are citizens of Belgium, Koen to develop their business of restaurants and bakeries (Hani's) at Theater Road, north of Yogyakarta.

Villa Hanis Limasan Yogyakarta is the original home of Wonosari entirely made of teak wood. Although the house has been adapted to modern building standards (insulation, wood floors, modern rooms mansi, etc.) but still has the original structure and wood wall panels. This is what makes living Villa Hanis truly experience Yogyakarta in Java.

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