Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beksan Bedaya, Symbol Power Java Kings

backpacker indonesia :Mataram, an empire whose story is etched in the pages of history of the nation's long .At the time, the influence of the imperial culture of the kingdom includes the island of Java and Madura. Although ultimately doomed, but the trail tread and his greatness can still be seen from the continued existence of four palaces heirs; Kasunanan Surakarta and Puro Mangkunegaran in Solo, central Java, and Yogyakarta Sultanate and Puro Pakualaman in DIY. In the journey, the four later became sombol, images, and source of Javanese culture.

Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychiatrist and renowned philosopher, says that culture is not rooted in sex drive. Culture of Java, Indonesia in general, show a more humane encouragement. Traces show the pattern of its expression in the direction of spiritual encouragement. Puppets, dance, song, or other cultural elements, indicates that spiritual patterns.

Examples of cultural patterns on the deeper spiritual aspects is bedaya art, classical Javanese dance the valuable, delicate, and noble. Bedaya revolves around the legend, chronicle, or history. This dance is also a symbol of human life. He interpreted as a symbol of the eyes of the wind direction, the direction of the position of planets in the universe's life, and the symbol of air holes in the human body as a women's life complete.

Fourth palace of Mataram successor was bound to have a variety of dance choreography bedaya great. Every king or ruler who reigned must create Beksan bedaya. For dance or Beksan bedaya reflect the character of each of the palace and become an important symbol of power or of a king.

Sacred and elegant, majestic and magislah nature. Symbol of spiritual life is shown from every contortion movements. Because of the sacred and magical, there is also a prerequisite if enacting some form of regulation or bedaya.
That's at least. Bedaya was not just any dance. Not everyone may and can memeraninya. But everyone can learn and take lessons with him / her life.

Dance Bedaya Semang considered the oldest and most sacred, in fact save many stories of history. After so long was never performed, and then reconstructed by the maestro of dance, Therese Suharti, newly staged back in 2002.

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