Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wood Statue Love Expression

Love expression drawn from statues is being combines this love. Likely, they also can talk about understanding, be each other receive and gives.

The collection statues wooden as high as around 10 to 150 cm. Various statue expressions painted in style to be in love, bermesraan, smoochs, and scene within reason a couple of lover is being kasmaran. " I wish when people to see my statue not necessarily think, digests, interprets, and asks as statue is. But people direct tickled, laughs, and likes with this statues expression. Because this statue not abstraction," says its(the collector, Dr. Nopirin which also Faculty Of Economics lecturer UGM.

Journey collects having immeasurable its(the collection is started [by] since the year 1970, when Nopirin study S2 in University of Philipine, Philipina. That moment s(he marvels and tickled at a fairish statuette around 20 cm so called Men In The Barrel. The statue is in the form of boy which bersembuyi in a barrel, which if(when the barrel is opened, the boy statue will seen without cloth. Drollery and taste likes that is making Nopirin up to now collects it.

There is also statue which megekspresikan scene bes in love multifariously kinds of style and position. " I am not at all assumes this statues as thing vulgar and contains element of pornography, but esthetics value and art written in presentation of the statues," he/she said.

Now, to get collection of this far unnecessary statue hunted is finite to other side country, because statue actor here have been quite a lot of making it. Usually s(he earns in shop suvenir and [crafting/ diligence] shop in area Pucung in place of actor Sehono or buys in Bali, Lombok island, and Jakarta. Except which porcelain barium, s(he buys in Italian. Its(the collections amounts to approximant to reach 50 the effect of big finite pocket edition. The price also varies, starts Rp 200 thousand so reaching 5 million.

There is also statues is having theme woman. One of them is, woman statue so called Brayut - it is said its(the reeling from ancient Java epoch - what tells a woman who is having chlid many, more than five. Statue is having theme because of you, statue a pregnant woman and tells: because of you. Its(the simple language: I am pregnant because you. Or, statues which only with bodice appearance, privy parts of man and woman. There is also Adam and Eve statue residing in Taman Eden, be plucking fruit of khuldi, what bought it in Jakarta.

For treatment of the statues enough to be cleaned by the way of mop and sprayed with plitur barium water wood whiller and wood stand. collection of Its(the statue is now terpajang approximant in all sittingroom and in family room which is in the form of limasan. " Usually if friends from Bulaksumur came becoming their ger-geran material. I also likes because they can laugh when seeing this my statues," express it likes.

Father haves a daughter this 3 do not only wishs merely collecting, but looks for collection having certain theme. " I wish to collect with love theme, if collection with kinds of themes makes this life not directional. Life with theme makes is directional and has life totality," explains this Sri Sudiastuti husband.

Theresia Andayani; Photograph: Kindness Prast.

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