Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spirit Expression Perupa Jogja

As culture town, Jogja becomes life with creative process always present. Jogja Sketsa Vaganza tries clarifies spirit Jogja as cultural town and the pencinta art.

Sketch is essential part of process kreasi done by most all people if coming into contact with art like artist, pematung, architect, or a desainer. Swan song performed in the form of sketch masterpieces appearance from a number of professions coming into contact with creation job(activity of art to be able to see a number of various sketch in materialization, media, the role and function and also position from its(the creator actor. " Yogyakarta increasingly explains its(the position as town growing with all its(the characteristics," said Dyan Anggraini Rais, Head Of Culture Garden Yogyakarta. This is one reason of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta performs exhibition having coronet Jogja Sketsa Vaganza.

Jogja Sketsa Vaganza performed in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta by 9-20 Decembers 2006 then followed by 57 good kreator of that is architect, desainer furniture ( furniture), desainer batik or textile, desainer ornament, mode designer, fotografer, artistic orderer, and podium. This exhibition also becomes spirit expression place to all perupa Jogja.

This exhibition gets attention of 3 people curator; Suwarno Wisetrotomo, M Agus Burhan and Anusapati. Meanwhile, one of curator, M. Agus Burhan, lays open, sketch in this legible exhibition as mode to see a number of possibility that potency, character, function of around line, in consequence this exhibition designedly enlivened by the kreator which has not is chummy in fine arts podium like the desainer and architect.

Acting Mayor Jogja, Haryadi Suyuti, tells, Jogja is special town, from this town has many borne [by] big actor as well as on file as of art potency warehouse, so that the role of inseparable actor from town dynamics Jogja. Existence of the actors would increasingly tightens nuance and situation Jogja as cultural town and the very potential actors to increase tourism sector.

Suwarno Wisetrotomo sees Jogja Sketsa Vaganza can be made starting points for periodic activity in coming. Of course by the way of sharply its(the legible theme as mode documents something about development of urban planning, heritage, and social change by the way of simple and direct with sketch. Yogyakarta as culture town still have not shown real spirit in managing properties of its(the culture. " I see a lot that there are still neglected; museum which is dirty, social un-orderliness, and others. Jogja Sketsa Vaganza at least memcahkan can some problems is concerning town Yogyakarta," he said.

This exhibition at the same time to accommodate and representation to wide public about development of understanding, form, and a real having immeasurable exploration from a number of artists, pematung, pegrafis, pedesain, as well as perupa. On display sketch masterpieces from Fadjar Sidik, Widayat, Edhi Sunarso ( Alm), Sun Ardi, Suwaji, Edi Sunaryo, Nasirun, Alex Luthfi R, Suatmadji, Ivan Sagita, Dyan Anggraini, Agus Suwage, Afif Syakur, Nita Azhar. Other masterpieces is presented [by] Ugo Untoro, Samuel Indratma, Nindityo Adi Purnomo, Mella Jaarsma, Titarubi, and Yamyuli Dwi Iman.

" Problem of our fine arts simply still also interesting even only talks the problem of point, the problem of line, also rancang-merancang, even everyday problem. Exposes x'self to event of this exhibition, I think will make life is more life," says the Kurator.

Theresia Andayani; Photograph: Kindness Prast

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