Sunday, May 2, 2010

Renovation Borobudur

Backpacker jogja -In The year 1842 Hartman does investigation to main Stupa becoming crown from temple building. this Stupa by Cornelis has found out in condition of made known at part of its body. Hence Hartman will know what which on file in stupa cavity. Story news which spread over got it an arca Budha in the cavity later questionable. What is clear blessing of effort for Hartman hence changing view in countryside Borobudur. Flat rural of that has crown in the form of ancient building boosting height to garden and resident rice field. Presumably this beautiful view assumed need to enjoyed. In the year 1845 delivered by portrait expert so called Schaefer to make a picture reliefs Candi Borobudur. Result of its is very dissatisfactory, so that in the year 1849 taken decision to execute depiction of relief through depiction by hand. The duty charged upon Wilsen, a talented marker. During 4 year, he finalizes the picture, result of his, is drawing from parts of building 476 drawing sheets from the reliefs.

Wilsen tries also to compile some description of Borobudur, but actually government has assigned Brumund for the thing. Simply is misunderstanding, Brumund of opinion that the description has made ready in the year 1856 would in publishing entirely by equiped by pictures from wilsen. On the contrary governmental had a notion the will become publication of opening is description and picture yielded by wisen, medium breakdown of Brumund only taken as complement. Brumund becomes disappointed, finally copy wilsen and brumund delivered by government to Leemans to be made monography made perfect with pictures wilsen. Meanwhile arises doubt also to accuracy of wilsen to depict figures from relief Borobudur Hence compilation duty of monography by leemans can be finalized result of its in the year 1873. ( Backpacker jogja )

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