Sunday, May 2, 2010

Borobudur starts opened

Backpacker jogja - From the year 1811 to 1815, Indonesia becomes British country. Head of government of country is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, and domiciles in Jakarta, he is many paying a visit island jawa, and he has extraordinary enthusiasm in history area.

In the year 1814 when he is going to town Semarang, he gets information existence of a temple in countryside Bumisegoro near by Magelang, which he has not recognized and by public called as Borobudur. Because no time visiting he to command Cornelius, which have been experienced explores temples, to do investigation.

In the year also Cornelius towards Borobudur, and which he meets is a hill growed by few leaves only trees and coppice that is close enough. Between the flora of course seems to be monstrous graven stones the numbers and various by place still looked to be in a state of compiling as part of building. With help of not less than 200 countryside residents, he soon does sweeping. Almost two months the duration the sweeping work is done but has not all ithe building can be shown again. Because there is certain parts is collapse ice if in unloading. Sweeping effort is continued between the year 1817 to 1825 and unknown categorically how result of its. Has just in the year 1835 Borobudur no longer become top from a hill but really seems to be as building standing to hill. Because effort from Hartman, which since 1832 taking hold of as Residen Kedu and starts the year 1834 labouring sweeping totally to Candi Borobudur. ( backpacker jogja )

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