Sunday, February 7, 2010


For countryside public?people Kasongan, pottery is legend giving breath them. They have mind tying and becomes part of history of pottery which had lived in that area at least since 1675, when Kyai Song, one of follower Pangeran Diponegoro, for the first time develops making of china for kitchen tool. Name Of Kasongan even is taken away from name of Kyai Song.

Tradition makes pottery continued by generation Mbah Jembuh which by 1875-1885 developing pottery for decoration of wall and celengan, by taking form of animal head and fruits.

At 1825, Mbah Rono and Mbah Giyah also develops equipment charcoal burner to cook a kind of stove.

In its(the development, ceramics product Kasongan increasingly variatif, from strarting decoration is in the form of animal head, animal motif, interest vase, pot developed by Mbah Harta and Mbah Josentono, ornamen developed by actor Sapto Hudoyo, finite of jar. [crafting/ diligence] material also now not only from clay, but also wood and metal.

Tenacity of worker Kasongan also accompanies pottery Kasongan to access to market export. The existing finite not less than 12 states becomes purpose of pottery export and [crafting/ diligence] of Kasongan. Nations like Australian, Dutch, Swis, Kanada, Selandia Baru, Japan, Germany, Belgia, and Malaysia is pelangganSejarah pottery length Kasongan, becomes energy for industrial evocation of its(the pottery after earthquake elapses

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