Sunday, February 7, 2010

History of ceramics in indonesia

Functional pottery polymorphism artifact and also in the form of decorative manner many met as part of archaeological invention. History of of course notes is skilled makes pottery has become part of development of civilization of nations in nusantara. His(its historical footstep is also still clearly is endowed finite of present.

According to archaeological study, expertise makes pottery type ceramics or ceramic in new nusantara is recognized in cultivation. Cultivation cycle leaving over leeway enough lengths to all farmer gives opportunity to they to develop this expertise. Pottery type yielded mostly is household equipments.

However has just during perundagian of pottery masterpieces starts growing wide, [shall] no longer simply becoming part of household equipments, but have also becomes part of social peripheral, religious ritual, artistic expression even social status symbol. From china artifact found in situs Trowulan, location ex- empire of Majapahit which is glorious as of spread century 13-15 M, known that that moment of clay product besides is in the form of household peripheral, there is also exploited for peripheral ritual and swan song. Ceramic actors a period of this believed develops is technics picked, puncture, incises, patchs and compress, which still be recognized up to now.

May if then we conclude expertise to make pottery is one of form of eldest endowment of which still staying until now. industrial Sentra-sentra of pottery also still spread over in many areas, some the existing famous for example Banten; Panjunan, Cirebon; Pleret, Purwakarta; Klampok, Banjarnegara; Slawi, Tegal; Mayong, Jepara; Pagerjurang, Bayat, Klaten; Kasongan, Yogyakarta ; Malo, Bojonegoro and Lombok island in West Nusa Tenggara. Outside the big names, in Yogyakarta there are still one places again it is good to called as in " pottery map", namely Dusun Jetis, District Pundong.

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