Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sometime spares your evening with warm feeling a cup of tea with other sajian. Among many types jajanan, martabak fit selected as easy going friend beside once in a while menyeruput warmness tea. Its(the tastes the evening you becomes people very independences, far from stres other work and activity.

Nations like Pakistan, India, Kashmir, until Egypt mentioned over and over becomes provenance martabak. Martabak has become typical food and favorite over there. Besides bread cane assortedly variant, public in the nations has accustomed to food mostly diolah with the wheat material. Differs from in Indonesia which more recognizing martabak as snack or market eat something of the home.

Sajian our kuliner are this is enjoy delicacy of the Martabak Internasional in in around north plaza of Jogja. Precisely, aims to left from Jalan Trikora. Observed its(the age which have been since the year 1951 stands up, Existence of Martabak Internasional is including very stripper. " Formerly that, which is first jualan my grandfather, Mr. Koya," said Mr. Taufik. If it is calculated hitherto, continuation Mr. Taufik, this martabak have been managed until 3 generation. After grandfather and its(the father, now its(the innings is together Mr. Rifai, its(the sister?brother.

According to its(the story, its(the grandfather had since long time of course liked makes martabak. Possibly not also coincidently if its(the grandfather which still bleeding the Pakistan endows martabak to its(the childrens and grandchildrens is the existing finite. There is 2 type martabak sold here; martabak egg and sweet martabak or a more regular called as moonlit cake with a few kinds of choice martabak; ordinary, special, and super. Difference striking from the three, besides thickness, also contents of its(the flesh.

Martabak egg consisted of egg mixture to parrot with chopped onion leaf slice and beef. The dough then is given flavour, then is wrapped with skin dough made of by whole-wheat, water, and cooking oil. Looks on interesting when hand Mr. Taufik dances with joy shuffles through wheat to be made packer skin martabak above marble as base. Wheat that is at first only equal to fist of flower hand may directly until forming length square.

Martabak the egg is fried above flat frying with oil which many be shuffled through. This way will make skin dough to become crunchy and renyah. To be more adds delicacy, martabak egg is eaten with cucumber piccalilli and chili. Darling, here there is no saus tan dilute of stripper which is water mixture with vinegar, sugar jawa, and sand sugar to add enjoying martabak.

Martabak beloved that is often is called as moonlit cake also disperse aroma delicacy. More than anything else if its(the skin which seen kecoklat-coklatan yellows shows his(its lustrous side is hit [by] butter. Not to mention special its contents; bean and brown sowed cheese. Thick skin and content captivating is the makes taste increasingly settled and gempi. Tongue as of taste is not merely joggled.

Evening in the rains, likely body of course need to be heated a cup of tealy and martabak as easy going friend. Bes awaiting more than anything else....

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