Thursday, April 15, 2010

Horse Carriage Museum

Horse carriage was the transportation tool that used by the Nobles. This kind of transportations could be gotten from the governors in Indonesia who became the holder of Indonesia under Holland and British colonialism. Now we can see these carriages in only one museum in Indonesia in Horse Carriage Museum which still located on Yogyakarta palace.

There are 22 carriages that have been became a tourism object that interested many tourists. Each carriage has name that like human name such :

  • Kiai Mondro Juwolo which was given by HB II in 1800 and this carriage ever used by Diponegoro Prince
  • Kiai Jaladara and Kiai Manik Retno carriage. These carriage were given by Deandles governor in 1815
  • Kanjeng Nyai Jimad cariiage. this carriage was given by Jacob Mossel to Hamengkubuono I (HB) and made by England people in 1750. This carriage is the most sacral carriage in this museum and the one carriage that called “NYAI” . This carriage is cleaned twice a month. More over this carriage is Forbidden to be held

There still many carriages that were leaved by Yogyakarta kng and most of them are made by foreign. Thre is one only carriage that made by Kingdom people, it is Bekel Kudororutonggo. Ticket can be gotten in low price it is 2000 for each visitor and if you want to take picture you can get it by adding 1000. You also can ask to be accompanied by guider there to know more history of horse carriage.

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