Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parangtritis, Most Famous Coast in Yogyakarta

Coast Parangtritis is one of coast which must be visited, not only because is coast that is most popular in Yogyakarta, but also has tightly interrelationship with having immeasurable other wisata object, like Kraton Yogyakarta, Coast Parangkusumo and area Merapi. Located coast 27 kilometre from this Yogyakarta downtown also is part of power Ratu Kidul.

Naming of Parangtritis has separate history. It is said, someone so called Dipokusumo which is escapee from Kerajaan Majapahit comes to this area hundreds of last year to do meditation. When seeing water drops flowing from reef gap, s(he also names this area becomes parangtritis, from big knife word (= stone) and tumaritis (= water drop). Coast which located in the area also finally is named similar.

Coast Parangtritis is coast that is full is myth, believed is materialization from unity of trimurti consisted of by Gunung Merapi, Kraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis. This coast also believed as place of meeting it Panembahan Senopati with momentary Sunan Kalijaga after completed experiencing ascetization Dalam the meeting, Senopati is reminded that remain to low of liver as power though has miracle.

A number of experience of wisata can be felt along the beach this. Enjoys view of nature of course becomes most important. The nature glamor can be peeped from various locations and way of so that view seen more varies and you also has different experience. If(when you stands up in its(the coast ridge, nature glamor that is visible is view of free sea extremely wide with hard wave splashing and high banks in eastside his(its.

To enjoy it, you can simply run from direction of east to west and looks into southerly. Besides, you also able to rent gig service which will accompany you to pass similar route without fatigue. There is also bargain rides on horseback to explore coast. Its(the cost, you can talk with the service Iodgers.

After enjoying view of Parangtritis from coast ridge, you can towards direction Gua Langse to feel different experience. In land road towards Gua Langse, you can see towards west and witness beauty [of] other of Parangtritis. Billow roll which towards coast ridge will seen having colour silver because sunshine, and would having colour looks like gold if(when sunshine to start squeezes or nearing dusk. This exotic view have time to be enjoyed YogYES when pays a visit a few days ago.

Satisfied with view of its(the nature you can enjoy experience of other wisata with towards historic places which there is around Pantai Parangtritis. One of them is is Makam Syeh Bela Belu which located in road(street towards coast. You can go up through doorstep connecting roadway with hill place of this sakral mausoleum. Generally, many peziarah comes on Tuesday kliwon.

Having visiting mausoleum, you can challange x'self for towards Gua Langse, cave which must be gone through by walking as far as 3 km and through bank as high as 400 metre with angle of inclination of approximant 900. To enter cave that is also often is conceived of this Gua Ratu Kidul, you must ask permission at expert the key beforehand. According to one of the coast guard Depok which in his(its young time is often declines cave, you can see view of south sea which more beautiful so successfully enters cave.

On 5 month of 5 in Chinese calendar, you can see ceremony procession Peh Cun in Parangtritis. Peh Cun, comes from word peh is meaning oar and cun is meaning boat, be form of public thanks Tioghoa to God. This celebration also means recalls Khut Gwan ( Qi Yuan), a patriot and at the same time minister during empire recognized by its(the loyality at finite king of s(he libeled by its(the friend and chooses suicide.

Celebration of Peh Cun in Parangtritis pertained on unique because is not filled with attraction to raw boat to dress smartly fragon as in other place, but with attraction of egg stands up. Attraction is started around at 1100 and culminates at 1200. At midday, according to trust, egg can upstand without supported. But, so entering at 1300, egg would fallen down by itself and cannot be build again.

To reach Parangtritis, you can choose two routes. Firstly, route Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis offering view of river and coral reef. Second, pass route Yogyakarta - Parangtritis which able to be gone through with mdah because road(street that is good relative. Suggested, you doesn't synchronized of clothes is having colour green in honour of local resident believing that green clothes can bring debacle.

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